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Мы — воплощение здравого смысла в море диджитал агентств.

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В поисках WEB разработки?


Обратная связь с людьми, которая происходит быстро и без затруднений.


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Мы верим, что за успешным проектом всегда стоит чёткое планирование и точное понимание видения клиента. Именно поэтому перед старом проекта мы проводим огромную подготовительную работу и внимательно следим за процессом на всех этапах разработки.

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Умеем всё то, что вы когда-либо видели в интернете: вебсайты, приложения, сложные бэкенды.

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Container radar is a system for tracking the movement of containers in China. A container arrives at the depot, and the operator uses a Wechat mini-app to register the container in the system. After the container enters the system, the depot administrator can view all the information about the movement of containers, view geolocation, photos of the container, photos of defects.

A plug-in system for a European company specializing in providing data, products and services to ensure the life cycle of cars.

Zigifts is an application on the WeChat platform where you can buy a certificate for any type of services. It is designed for those who live an active life and like to get emotions from life in the metropolis, the city of Shanghai. When issuing a certificate, you can provide geolocation or add your own address when paying. After successful purchase of the certificate via Wechat, the user can view the status of his order at any convenient time in his personal account, as well as receive the certificate in a beautiful package to the threshold of his home.

A website for a logistics company transporting goods from China, allowing both large companies and individuals to calculate the cost of delivery using a flexible order calculator.

This is an application in which users can purchase care products and medicines, as well as receive consultations from doctors.

The Future of Marketing is Ad-free. The WOM Protocol is a brand new user-generated marketing channel that leverages the most effective form of marketing: honest word-of-mouth recommendations. 1. Increase Sales: Increase sales conversion through honest word-of-mouth recommendations. 2. New Revenue Stream: Ditch invasive ads on your platform and switch to a user-friendly revenue stream. 3. Leverage UGC: Leverage the most effective form of marketing with user-generated content. 4. Create to Earn: Earn WOM Token rewards for your word-of-mouth recommendations.

Recommend things you love! Create, discover, and be rewarded for honest recommendations. Shoot and share real recommendation videos of what you love. Be yourself, and tell the world about your favorite products and experiences. Explore the latest recommendations that have been rated trustworthy by the community. Earn WOM Token rewards for sharing authentic recommendations with your friends.

WeChat is a mini-application of the Rosa Khutor ski resort with adaptation to the Chinese user.

What is BULLZ? The ultimate source for everything crypto. BULLZ is your home for everything crypto. Make, view, and use authentic recommendations about #NFTs, #DeFi, $crypto, and more! The BULLZ app is the home for authentic crypto and blockchain recommendations. Creators make recommendations which are peer-reviewed by BULLZ app users and authenticated by the WOM Protocol. Creators and peer-reviewers earn WOM Tokens for making and authenticating recommendations.